Join us for rKids where children are rooted in love and grounded in truth.

Sunday Mornings: Classes 8:10-8:9:30am & 9:30-10:30am with Children's Church from 10:45-12pm

And if you have a child K-6th grade, join us for BIBLE BLAST on Wednesday evenings from 6:45-8pm

 Our vision is that children would grow to know God more fully, love him more deeply, and serve him more freely.


  • Children grow when God’s word is taught. We believe kids are capable of learning deep truths about God, his word, and his church. You can expect in-depth Bible study, memory verse challenges, prayer, and discussion.

  • Children grow in an atmosphere of joy. We laugh often, craft, play, dance, and sing.

  • Children grow when they feel secure. We seek to surround our children with many caring workers, and we especially welcome parents to serve. We screen our volunteers and offer a secure check-in system.

  • Children grow when the family unit is strong. We seek to minister to the whole family. We want to be an ally to you as you lead, teach, and inspire your child. Look for rKids family events throughout the year, and ask about how you can be involved in the children’s ministry.


Evan Hand

Children’s Minister


Judy Hall

Early Childhood Director


rKids theme during august Is “true story A 4-WEEK SERIES ON being apart of Gods family

Every family is different, but there’s one thing every family has in common: no family is perfect. No matterwhat your family looks like, it definitely has its own unique quirks, traditions, jokes, feuds, and flaws. Thefamilies we read about in the pages of Scripture are no different. In this series, kids will be introduced to one ordinary family in the Bible that God chose to use in extraordinary ways. Eventually, this family became thefamily that brought Jesus into the world! In this four-week series about the family of Abraham, kids will learnthat we can trust God with our family, God takes care of our families, God helps us be honest with our families, and God wants to help families heal.